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St. Johns

7327 N Charleston Ave Portland, OR 97203

Open by appointment only.

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We're new here!

Marigold Salon is brand new as of April 2024.  We are a small boutique hair salon specializing in cutting and coloring, featuring low toxic organic products. 

We are open by appointment only, and all stylists here will be working independently- 

Currently, it's just me, Sasha, working here.  But I'm looking for two more stylists to work here with me- so stylists please check out the details here.

If you are looking for how to make an appointment, all information for how to book with Sasha is here.  


Sasha Kreutz

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Owner and Stylist

Lover of all curls, bangs, and natural looking lived-in color. I want to help you find ease in your hair care and styling routines.  
To learn more and book an appointment click here.

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Contact Us

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